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Words from the Board

- Updated 11/10/15

Property Manager

TWC is Monroe Manor’s Property Management Company and  Mr. Kim Hendon is the Property Manager.  The contact information is TWC Association Management, 397 Herndon Parkway, Suite 100, Herndon, VA 20170 (phone: 703-437-5800; fax: 703-471-6578; e-mail: khendon@twcmanagement.com).

Make Sure Your HOA Dues are Paid

Reminder that MMHOA quarterly dues payments are due on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, each year.  Dues coupons with pre-addressed remittance envelopes were mailed to each homeowner in December.  It is each homeowner’s individual responsibility to ensure that full HOA payments are received before the due dates. Late payments are assessed late fees and collection fees.  Homeowners may elect to prepay dues up to a year in advance to help avoid issues with late payments.  Please make checks payable to Monroe Manor Homeowners Association, Inc. and include the coupon.  The remittance address for dues payments only is TWC Association Management, PO Box 105007, Atlanta, GA 30348-5007 (this address is for payments only; it is not for HOA correspondence).  Contact TWC at 703-437-5800 if you need coupons or have questions about the quarterly assessments.  TWC also offers electronic payments options for residents, including direct debit.   

Winter Weather and Snow Removal Reminders

All residents are asked to pitch in and help clear snow from all sidewalks during the upcoming months. Your efforts will help keep school children from having to walk in the streets after a heavy snowfall. In past years, many homeowners have also pitched in to also shovel the snow along the sidewalk sections that are not directly in front of a residential home (such as wooded property and common areas). Thanks to all who volunteer and look out for the safety of our families!

Here are some other tips and reminders about snow removal and snow plowing:

  • Snow removal for all Monroe Manor streets is a state responsibility of the Virginia Department of Transportation. If your street has not been plowed after a reasonable period, you may report it to VDOT at 703-383-2800 or 703-383-8368. Note that snow plowing along residential subdivision streets like ours is a lower priority than the plowing of highways and primary streets. VDOT’s Northern Virginia office can be reached via e-mail at: novainfo@virginiadot.org .
  • The pipe-stems in Monroe Manor are privately owned driveways; therefore, snow removal is the responsibility of the adjacent property owners.
  • When snow is forecast, please park your vehicles in the driveway. Vehicles parked in the streets and cul-de-sacs hamper the progress and effectiveness of snow plows.
  • When shoveling your driveway and front sidewalks, consider tossing the snow into the yard and not in the street. Why? Because more snow in the road means more snow pushed back into your driveway when the plow comes along!
  • After a snowfall, each resident can help with the restoration of services such as mail delivery, newspaper delivery, and solid waste collection and recycling. Please remember to “dig out” the area within 10 feet of your mailbox and ensure there are no obstructions (such as snow mounds or vehicles). And provide some space between the location of your mailbox, and the location of the solid waste and recycling containers. Our service providers will appreciate it.

Neighbors – we need a few Volunteers!!!

The Social Committee needs your help planning for events.   Please contact the social chairman at social@monroemanorhoa.org and let them know how you can help! 

Monroe Manor Homeowners Website

The Monroe Manor website has electronic copies of our community documents (ARC Submission form and guidelines, HOA Bylaws, etc.).  It is important that your HOA have at least one valid e-mail address for an adult homeowner living in each of Monroe Manor’s 184 homes. Send your email address to the HOA President if we don't already have it so that you will receive important HOA new and messages. 

There are two reasons why your HOA needs at least one home or work e-mail address for the owner of each Monroe Manor home:

  • Instead of the mailed newsletters, the HOA will be sending out periodic broadcast e-mail messages to all residents when there is a new HOA announcement or neighborhood news worth sharing.
  • E-mail is the only practical way to keep residents informed about last minute service changes and notifications about community issues (such as changes in trash pick-ups, significant crime incidents, school issues, snow removal, and upcoming social or community events).

Thanks to all the homes that have already provided e-mail addresses!

Setting Out Trash & Recycling

Neighbors are reminded that trash and recycling may be set out curbside at dusk on the evening before trash pick-up. Yard debris also should not be placed curbside until the night before pickup. All household solid waste, including food waste, should be bagged and placed within the wheeled toters. Food waste and garbage should never be left in an outside bag on the ground. It is unsanitary and will attract wild animals.

Other than on collection days, neither trash toters nor recycling bins may be left in a visible location outside of your home. Collection days are Mondays (for solid waste, recycling, and yard debris) and Thursdays (solid waste only).

Please Trim Low Hanging Tree Limbs!

Several neighbors have been injured when they accidentally walked into low tree limbs that are blocking the sidewalks. All neighbors with trees along the sidewalks and roadways are requested to cut back all low hanging limbs so there is a 10-foot clearance for both hikers and bikers. In addition, please trim back any trees that are too close to the tall street lights (a 5-foot clearance between the fixture/post and tree branches is fine). Thank you!

Bus Stop Courtesy

Monroe Manor parents and K-12 children are asked to wait for the school bus along the designated front sidewalk areas. Please be respectful of other's property and do not run through another neighbor's lawns or up and down their driveways, etc.

Reserves Study

Virginia law requires all HOAs to complete a Reserves Study at least once every five years. The HOA board periodically contracts with a professional engineer to evaluate the state of our common area amenities and structures along with our finances to help ensure that we are positioned to manage any future large capital expenses. The study includes a condition assessment of things like the basketball/multipurpose court, tot lot, certain trails and fences, a bridge crossing, the front entrance signs and lights, and other HOA-owned assets and amenities.

Traffic Enforcement

Due to several complaints about speeding vehicles and unsafe drivers on our local streets, there is periodic police traffic enforcement in the neighborhood. Please drive gently and obey traffic signs in all residential areas -- and please communicate this to all drivers in your household.

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